WordPress Emergency Support: Find 24/7 Help Today

May 27, 2024  | Website Maintenance

When your WordPress site goes down, it feels like the end of the world.


You’re losing money every minute your site’s not working!

What if it crashes after working hours or over a weekend? Who will be around to help?

Take a breath. Regardless of what’s causing the downtime, you need an emergency WordPress support service – and this guide shows you how the WordPress experts at StateWP can help you bounce back ASAP and bring you peace of mind.

What WordPress Errors Does StateWP Help With?

StateWP’s experienced WordPress developers can help you bounce back from all of WordPress’s most annoying quirks.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most common errors we can help you fix very quickly:

  • 400 errors (web server communication problems)
  • 401 unauthorized errors (when you’re locked out of WordPress)
  • 403 forbidden errors (when your server forbids access)
  • 404 errors (when your pages aren’t appearing correctly)
  • 405 method not allowed errors (when your server rejects specific requests)
  • 500 errors (when there are internal server problems)
  • PHP memory limit errors (when your content exceeds your web host’s limits)
  • Error Establishing Database Connection errors (when your database and website aren’t communicating correctly)
  • Maximum Execution Time Exceeded errors (when your website’s taking too long to respond)
  • Connection Not Private errors (when your website isn’t secure)
  • Sidebars appearing incorrectly

There are two ways you can get back online using our help:

  1. Help yourself with our emergency WordPress support guides
  2. Trust StateWP’s support team with your WordPress site

Let’s dive into both options and explore what’s best for you.

Note: If you’re running a site through WordPress.com, contact WordPress directly. We fix errors for .org users!

Option 1: Help Yourself With Our Emergency WordPress Support Guides

We get it. Before reaching out to an expert for emergency WordPress help, it’s reasonable to want to try and fix your website issues yourself.


That’s why we regularly create guides to help WordPress users troubleshoot and fix common errors on their own time.

Naturally, if you’d prefer an expert to take the reins for you, StateWP is always on hand. Skip to option two in that case.

Otherwise, dive deep into our library of WordPress emergency guides:

WordPress emergencyThe DIY guide to read
You’ve contracted malwareWordPress Malware Removal: Signs and How-To Guide
Your website is unavailable503 Error WordPress: How To Fix the Service Unavailable Error
Your website’s running extremely slowlyHow To Speed Up WordPress Websites: 15 Proven Methods
You’re locked out of WordPress because of an internal server errorError 500 WordPress: How To Fix the Internal Server Error
You can’t log into WordPress14 Fixes for the “Can’t Access WP-Admin” Error
Your database isn’t communicating properly11 Ways To Fix the WordPress “Error Establishing a Database Connection” Issue
Your website’s been hackedWordPress Hacked? Here Are the Signs and 13 Steps for Fixing It
Your website is blocking visitors from accessing itWordPress 403 Error: How To Fix the Forbidden Access Error
You’re getting critical errorsHow To Fix the WordPress “There Has Been a Critical Error on This Website” Message
You see the “White Screen of Death”How To Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death (WSoD): 13 Methods
Your website is stuck in “maintenance mode”WordPress Stuck In Maintenance Mode: How To Fix It Now
You’re facing issues with your host, and you need to migrate to a new provider pronto(Future article) – Coming soon


Our guides also recommend different tools and services to help you manage your WordPress site and all its functionalities. For example, we suggest WP Engine as a reliable hosting service and Sucuri as a great all-in-one malware defender.

If your problem isn’t listed here or you’d prefer a WordPress emergency help expert to handle the fix, keep reading.

Option 2: Trust StateWP’s Support Team With Your WordPress Site

When you contact StateWP, emergency support is always on standby. Our team of experts offers quick fixes and long-term solutions, so you’re better protected if something goes wrong again.

Relying on DIY fixes means spending time and effort you could use to run your business better. Plus, as confident as you might feel, what if you simply can’t figure it out?

It’s always good to have a technical safety net. Here’s how we can help you get fixed up and keep your site healthy in the long term.

Emergency 24/7 service

Even if your site goes down at night, it pays to have an emergency expert on hand. It might be one in the morning where you are, but what if you have customers based worldwide?

StateWP’s team runs a 24/7 helpdesk, meaning all you need to do is raise a service request, and we can start working on a fix.

One-day response

StateWP aims to respond to and fix WordPress errors within a day of you raising faults with us. Thanks to our experts based in several time zones around the world, there’s always someone ready to pick up your case.

When you rely on a web host or a non-emergency support service, you could wait days to get your WordPress site back online. That’s serious money lost for any eCommerce site – and a major dent in your reputation in visitors’ eyes.

StateWP’s fast response times help you get back to business before those lost sales start seriously racking up.

Proto dashboard

StateWP’s Proto dashboard offers you a user experience that grants complete oversight of your website’s vitals. There’s no need to juggle different tools and software to manage your:

  • Website security
  • Bug reports
  • Traffic logs
  • Hosting data
  • WordPress plugin information
  • Backups and restore points
  • Databases
  • Monthly website performance

Proto does it all for you. What’s more, you can raise service requests with our experts through Proto directly:

Service request submitted via Proto to resolve an emergency

Then, track your request, and we update you on what happens next. Sit tight, we won’t be long!

24/7 website monitoring and security management

We get it. You need to sleep.

You can’t keep your eyes on your site 24/7, but you know who can? StateWP.

Our experts monitor site health and downtime around the clock, meaning we’re the first line of defense for malware or hacking red flags, and we step in as soon as your website goes down.

We keep your site’s security and WordPress core files fully updated and maintained behind the scenes (as well as continuously running plugin updates). If anything triggers our Spidey senses, we take action and keep you informed.

White-label agency support

If you’re running a WordPress design and marketing agency and are considering adding maintenance to your packages, you can outsource the technical side to our experts and reap extra revenue. Simply sign up as a white-label agency customer to get started.

You can pass on the benefits of proactive WordPress maintenance plans to your customers (such as security updates, uptime monitoring, site analytics, and database management) without needing to train anyone.

Fair pricing

We know how valuable emergency support is for our customers, so we price and package our services competitively.

StateWP runs three pricing tiers payable monthly and annually, with emergency support from our Starter package upwards. We’ve made it easy to see what’s included and how much you save.

Here’s what you can expect to pay per month, billed annually:

  • Starter: $159 per month
  • Premium: $199 per month
  • Elite: $499 per month

Although some WordPress emergency support companies offer cheaper starting packages, StateWP provides a unique approach to emergency 24/7 support at each level.

That means we’re constantly monitoring your site – and, unlike some providers, we don’t cap the number of times you can reach out for help!

Where’s the value in a service cap when you never know when an emergency might happen?

With StateWP, the price you pay per month or year entitles you to service requests. Whether you need help fixing visual issues or 400 or 500 errors plague you, you can rest easy knowing our developers have your back.

Dedicated account manager

With some WordPress emergency support services, you’re passed from one agent to another with zero consistency. That’s pretty annoying – especially if you have to explain your WordPress issues from scratch every time.

We provide you with a dedicated account manager as your single point of contact. That means you can always pick up where you left off, and it’s easy to get to know your developer.

Conversation between client and developer

A dedicated account manager who understands your cases can help resolve your problems faster (and even make helpful recommendations, such as technical SEO fixes).

Hosting support

Moving from one host to another can be tricky if you’re new to the process. However, it’s always a good idea to shop around for hosting providers – never settle, for example, on a slow shared server. You’re at the mercy of other site owners’ errors and serious slowdowns.

StateWP helps you manage your hosting and even recommends providers where appropriate. If you decide to proceed, we will migrate you to our approved hosts at no extra cost.

If hosting problems are causing website emergencies such as poor security or performance, that’s another weight off your mind.

Automated backups

We always recommend you set up backups regularly if you experience any of the errors we listed earlier. Having a save point makes it easy to go back in time and investigate problems.

Delegating to our team eliminates the hassle of remembering to back up and finding somewhere to store your data safely. Our team can access your backups anytime through Proto, so if emergencies occur in the future, simply log in, raise a ticket explaining the situation, and we’ll restore your site within a day.

Performance optimization

Our developers know more than a few tricks to help WordPress sites perform at their best. Regardless of whether or not you’re experiencing an emergency, we work behind the scenes to ensure your site is efficient, responsive, and up to date with the latest core updates.

Speed optimization is another hassle off your plate that you can delegate to our team, meaning you can continue managing your business while your website delivers a fantastic visitor experience.

3 StateWP Testimonials

You don’t have to take our word for any of the above. Here’s what just a few of our happy customers say about our lightning-fast fixes and emergency saves.

I absolutely LOVE their “report a bug” feature, the quick turnaround time, their dashboard that is so easy to use, and the support that is fast. It’s nice having experts that can quickly process our requests. Their team and follow up has made us confident that our site is up to date and performing well. The StateWP team gets to our requests really fast and with everything in one place, it makes management and communication simple.

StateWP keeps our WordPress sites secure and performing great and we can rely on them for anything WordPress related. Love these guys and they really are the BEST! Five Stars doesn’t do justice to the work they provide. Highly recommend.

Givelle Lamano

Owner, Lamano Law

StateWP has been maintaining our website for years. On the rare occasions we’ve had a problem, resolution was prompt. We couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. If the company had a special need, we’ve received excellent responses. Our website is one less thing to worry about.

Financial Connections Group, Inc.

Amazing customer service!

The StateWP team gets to my requests really fast too and with everything in one place, it makes management and communication simple.

Their support is fast and it’s nice to have experts like them in our corner. Our maintenance dashboard and ticketing system is like nothing we’ve seen before and it’s made us really confident that our site is up to date and performing well.

It has been great to work with them, and would highly recommend them!

Blaine Verde

Sienna Imports

Reach Out Today For WordPress Emergency Support

Don’t wait around for WordPress problems to fix themselves. If you’re stuck for answers and need WordPress emergency help fast, it pays to have expert developers by your side to leap into action.

StateWP is a genuine emergency service for hundreds of happy customers – from website owners to agencies using our white-label services – who reach millions with their sites.

Whether you’re currently experiencing an emergency or you simply want to ensure you have a team on standby to bring you back online whatever happens, fill out a few details below, and we’ll call you as soon as possible.

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    WordPress Emergency Support FAQs

    Let’s close with a few common questions our customers have regarding WordPress emergency support.

    What is an emergency WordPress service?

    An emergency WordPress service is a team you can call to get your website back online fast. For example, if your website shows a blank screen, you can contact an emergency service for a quick fix. However, make sure to compare WP emergency support plans, as some might only fix short-term issues.

    It’s better value to partner with expert developers who can help you maintain and protect your site long-term.

    Can someone help me with WordPress?

    Yes, if you need help with a WordPress.org site, you can contact a developer for WP emergency support and advice or contact your hosting provider.

    If you’re running a WordPress.com site, you can get help by emailing WordPress directly or using the live chat service if you’re on an annual Creator or Entrepreneur plan.

    Does WordPress.com have 24/7 support?

    WordPress.com users registered to Creator, Entrepreneur, and Legacy Pro plans can access 24/7 customer support. You may need to pay annually to access this service. Annual Explorer customers, meanwhile, can access 24/7 support Monday through Friday. For WordPress.org support, speaking to an expert developer is most efficient.

    How do I get live chat support on WordPress.com?
    1. Log into your WordPress.com dashboard, select the question mark, and then “Help Center.”
    2. Scroll down to “Still need help?”
    3. Then, choose “Live chat,” available 24 hours daily for most plans.
    4. Type your question and click “Continue.”
    5. If the automated response doesn’t help, click “Still chat with us” to transfer to a human advisor.
    6. Follow WordPress’s live chat guide to learn more.