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Total site care by experts you can talk to in one smart dashboard

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Trusted by businesses reaching millions on WordPress

Meet Proto,
the ultimate website dashboard

24/7 Protection  <1 Day request completion  For all your sites

Full website status at a glance 📱

We’re on the tools, but you’re in the driver’s seat. See updates on everything we’re doing to protect and enhance your website.

In-app support with <1 day turnaround ⚡

We take hours of work and stress off your plate. Report bugs or describe requests in your own words and watch our experts take care of them – usually within one day.

Real-time performance reports and audience analytics 🏋️

Understand visitor behavior and make informed marketing decisions.
Proto turns your website into an SEO tool.

Innovative tech 🤝 experienced humans

Over-automated website maintenance is dangerous ⚠️
Our service gives you the best of both: smart software and strategic decisions.

Turn website maintenance from a bottleneck to an advantage

WordPress maintenance and security plans to keep you in flow state 🌀

Entrepreneurs & in-house marketers

Regain the time, confidence, and insights to grow your business.

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Web design & marketing agencies

Full protection and visibility so you can serve clients and deliver results.

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See how StateWP saves in freed time,
protected sales, and prevented threats

15+ years working together on WordPress🏆

We’re the dream team that built award-winning business websites as State Creative. Now we’re focused on protecting yours.

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Managing Partner

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Business Development

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Lead Developer

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Senior Developer

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Save 💸 in prevented threats,
protected sales, and freed time