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From referral to reward!

Earn up to $1,000 when you refer someone
that signs up for one year.

Terms and conditions apply

It’s easy to earn a referral bonus
How it works…

You invite

Use the form below, send us an email or give us a call with the referral details

They sign up

You’ve made a qualified referral when the person you referred signs an agreement and pays

You earn a referral bonus

When your referral signs up, you’ll receive up to $1,000*

Unlock the Power of Referrals!

Looking to boost your earnings? Download the referral packet for details on how to make money by referring others. Get program information and a pre-built email template to jumpstart your referrals today.

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    Tell us about yourself and your referral and we’ll get the process started. If your referral signs up, you’ll get a referral bonus!

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      Referral Information

      *FAQs & Terms

      How do I qualify for a referral bonus?

      To qualify for a referral bonus, you must ensure that we are notified of your referral before their signup. You will receive acknowledgement of the submission. Kindly note that no referral bonuses will be issued if we have not received and confirmed the referral prior to the sign up. Referrals are paid only inside the United States. No international payments will be made. 

      Do I have to sign a contract?

      You do not need to sign a contract to give a referral or to receive a referral bonus. There are no contracts involved. Just make sure that you tell us who you are referring prior to them signing up so that we can give you credit if and when your referral signs up for one year.

      How do I get started?

      You have three options:

      1. Fill out the form above
      2. Call us at: 510.842.3826
      3. Send an email to connect@statewp.com and provide the information or make an introduction
      How much do I earn and how much do I get paid for a referral?

      We offer three different packages and referral bonus amounts depend on the package and payment plan your referral choses.

      Referral Bonus Amount (in US dollars)

      Starter PackagePremium PackageElite Package

      Referral Bonus Payout Timeline

      Sign upBonus is issued:
      Pays for one year in advanceWithin two business days of your referral submitting payment to StateWP
      Pays monthly (annual contract)Within two business days of your referral submitting the sixth payment to StateWP

      Bonus payments will be made via check or Zelle.

      How do I know if a connection was made?

      Once we receive a referral connection, we will reach out to you via email to confirm receipt. That way we’ll  all have a written record.

      Do you work with agencies?

      Yes, we do! Individuals or agencies can refer customers to us and we’ll send the bonus upon them completing their prerequisite payments. We can send the referral bonus to an individual within an agency or directly to the agency, whichever you prefer.

      We also offer a white-label option for agencies if they prefer to continue working with and managing their own clients. However, there is no referral bonus given for white-label customers.