Screenshot of Proto dashboard showing server response time

Website maintenance
should feel like having a
mechanic on speed dial

You shouldn’t be battling a backlog of tasks 🗃️ or tracking down the person who’s supposed to help 🚨

You might be tackling website maintenance in one of two ways:

“We do it ourselves.”

It might feel like you’re saving money and retaining control by doing website maintenance in-house.
🦉 Can you scramble a team to restore your site at 3 am on a Saturday?
⏰ How many tasks or projects are put on hold while you figure out how to do updates safely?

“I think we have a company doing that?”

There are plenty of website maintenance services out there claiming to do all the right things.
🔍Do you know exactly what they’re doing to enhance your websites?
⏳Can you get immediate support when there’s an emergency or you need to update your website ASAP?

We started StateWP to be the easiest way for site owners and agencies to manage WordPress websites ⬇️

So, what makes us different?

Proto, our live website control panel 🖥️

Proto sits on your WordPress dashboard and gives you performance data, for all your sites, at a glance. With the Requests portal, you can directly submit changes, issues, or updates in your own words (or attach screenshots) for a developer to work on almost immediately.

A dream team of WordPress experts 🥇

We’ve spent 15+ years together building and managing award-winning WordPress sites for leaders reaching millions online. We know WordPress like it’s our hometown, and you’ll know your site is in safe hands. New customers notice the difference immediately.

More than just maintenance 🙌

We’re here to support businesses proactively and creatively. If you need help with something outside your monthly plan, just let us know what you need and we’ll scope it out together. Customers say that StateWP feels like having an IT team at their disposal.

Honesty is our policy 🤝

We maintain a world-class service for our customers. We strive for excellence, but if something’s not working optimally, we’ll be transparent with you and do everything we can to find a solution.

Find out how StateWP helps…

Entrepreneurs and in-house marketers

Regain the time, confidence, and insights to grow your business.

Web design and marketing agencies

Full protection and visibility so you can serve clients and deliver results.

Our mission is to save businesses $1bn in prevented threats, protected sales, and freed time.

Our story & dream team

As State Creative, we built award-winning websites for clients at the forefront of Higher Education, Non-Profit, Professional Services, and eCommerce.

As StateWP, we dedicate this proven expertise to protecting and enhancing our client’s WordPress websites as their round-the-clock maintenance service.
We’re the same permanent team since 2010. In the agency world, that’s almost unheard of.

Aron Scarinzi

Managing Director

Garrett Goldman

Managing Partner

Elizabeth Williams

Business Development

Vijish Kumar

Lead Developer

Muhammed Asharaf

Senior Developer

Rekha Sarita


Paulson KF


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