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There are several key differences that set us apart. Our customers tell us that our combination of experience, service, and value makes us the clear choice for those seeking WordPress security and maintenance support.

Screenshot of Proto dashboard showing server response time
Value PropositionMaintain your own siteHire a random freelancerOften white-labled, overpriced w/no supportFull service, real people, dynamic dashboard
Ramp Up TimeIndefinite< 3 weeks< 2 weeks< 2 days
Audit & PlanningSometimesSometimes
Account ManagerSometimesSometimes
Response TimeIndefinite< 7 days< 5 days< 12 hours
Real-Time Data
Human Interaction
Cost⏳ : 💰💰💰😬 :💰😡 :💰💰💰🥰 : 💸
Service GuaranteeSometimes
ExperienceSometimesSometimesSometimes7+ Years
24/7 MonitoringSometimes
Hack RemediationSometimesSometimesSometimes
Website EditsSometimesSometimes
Database OptimizationSometimesSometimes
Training & SupportSometimes
Site RestoreSometimesSometimesSometimes

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