The 9 Best WordPress Maintenance Service Providers to Care For Your Site

Mar 18, 2024  | Website Maintenance
Your WordPress website needs regular maintenance, or it risks becoming slow, unsafe, and unsuitable for driving conversions and sales.

However, site maintenance takes time, effort, and – frequently – expertise, which means it’s more than okay to ask for help!

But how do you choose the best WordPress maintenance service with so many options out there?


Fear not; we can help!

Below, we explore how WordPress experts save you time and stress when it comes to maintenance. You can jump ahead to our rundown of the best WordPress maintenance services, too!

What Are WordPress Maintenance Services?

WordPress maintenance services are companies you hire to care for your website. Maintenance experts can, for example, regularly manage, update, and secure your website on your behalf. A maintenance team creates website backups, ensures you’re up to date with the latest WordPress plugin updates and features, and even helps manage SEO (search engine optimization).

WordPress maintenance experts also help you resolve website errors and troubleshoot problems so you don’t have to.

People hire them to save time and money while keeping peace of mind.

WordPress Maintenance Services vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

There’s some confusion over the difference between WordPress maintenance services and managed WordPress hosting online.

Managed WordPress hosts take care of some maintenance tasks, but not all. Their main focus is, as the name suggests, hosting. That means they run the technical aspects of your web server for you.

Managed hosts typically update WordPress core files, but maintenance services also cover your plugins, PHP, themes, and all sorts of other elements.

You might find hosts also back up your site, supply basic security monitoring, and manage your website’s health.

However, maintenance services provide more frequent backups and core updates and act as your emergency hotline for WordPress errors. They also grant options for custom plans, such as determining if you want cloud backups or off-site backups.

Although a WordPress host covers the basic functions of a maintenance service, the latter goes deeper. They have your back with fixes and troubleshooting, not just preventive measures.

Why Use WordPress Support Services?

Even if you think you know your way around WordPress, it’s always good to have experts on your side. Here’s why.

You’re saving yourself the effort

Say, for instance, you make a technical mistake and crash your website – and don’t know how to fix it.

Calling a WordPress support service to repair the fault cuts down on worry and hassle and ensures customers can quickly regain access to your website.

Maintaining even the most straightforward elements of a WordPress website takes a lot of dedication.

Here’s another scenario: What if you forget to update your core files or accidentally cause an error that locks you out of WordPress?

You only need to glance at our website maintenance checklist to see how much of a commitment you’re making. Whether it’s simple security scans and site backups or more complex checks behind the scenes, you can always outsource the work to a support team that can keep your site running smoothly.

You’re saving time and money

If you’re running a business, time is money. Although it’s easy to think maintaining a website only takes a few hours out of your week, that’s still time you could be spending with clients.

Consider how much business you’d lose in just one hour.

Say you pay between $60-$100 each hour for WordPress support and maintenance services to ensure your website stays up and remains secure. That’s still a huge saving compared to your charge-out rate or what you’d lose if your website went down for an hour.

You wouldn’t just lose business for the time it’s inactive. You’d also turn away future business and revenue when your reputation suffers from the poor user experience.

Outsource to a maintenance service, and everything’s taken care of with time for you to spare. Your reputation is safe, you don’t have to waste time fixing problems yourself, and you can focus on helping your customers.

You’re always prepared

Remember, too, that even the most impressive websites develop faults. Look at our list of common WordPress errors for a few examples!

For instance, if you experience an annoying Error 403 message, it’s handy to have a support team you can pass the problem to (and get you back up and running fast).

In addition, the savviest of developers provide search engine optimization services, meaning they regularly monitor and perform content edits behind the scenes so you get more relevant traffic and go up the search engine rankings.

Finally, how often do you remember when to perform WordPress updates? What about plugin and theme updates? When was the last time you updated your PHP?


Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only site owner who forgets. However, keeping your website and its functions updated ensures it’s safe and easy to use.

A WordPress maintenance team updates all your essential software for you. It’s yet another issue taken off your hands and placed in the care of experts.

9 Best WordPress Maintenance Services

Below, we round up nine of the best WordPress website maintenance services available online. Some are WordPress maintenance and hosting services combined. StateWP, for instance, can help move you to a trustworthy host!

In the interest of fairness, we keep this review as balanced as possible so you can compare different WordPress maintenance packages from various providers across the web.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the WordPress maintenance and support services before looking at each platform individually.

WordPress support services: The best maintenance teams to consider

ServiceKey Benefits
1. StateWP
  • Website edits, tracking, and site health monitoring from a single platform
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Support that aims to address and fix problems within a day
  • No need for cumbersome analytics software
2. WP Buffs
  • Unlimited website edits
  • White-label options available
3. SiteCare
  • Custom development options available
  • Partners with Sucuri, a leading security service
4. WP SitePlan
  • Flexible and customizable plans
  • Offers hosting support
5. FixRunner
  • Dedicated account managers available
  • One-time fix options
6. WP Maintainer
  • Stripped-back services are ideal for beginners
  • Additional firewall and performance add-ons are available
7. ClickWP
  • Helps users with building websites as well
  • Support Passes are available on demand
8. WP Fix It
  • One-off and unlimited fix packages are available
  • Claims to fix faults within an average of 30 minutes
  • Appealing “do-it-yourself” setup for experienced users
  • Lots of customization through plugin setup

1. StateWP: Best for complete peace of mind with 24/7 support and monitoring

StateWP is an all-around WordPress support service that gives you access to website analytics, performance metrics, and expert advice through one simple program. That’s Proto, your one-stop WordPress dashboard.

Proto’s simple yet data-rich interface lets you check how your WordPress site (or WordPress ecommerce site) is performing at a glance. You can review the following in real-time:

  • Site and hosting vitals
  • SEO performance
  • The status of file/database backups
  • SSL status and expiry
  • The inventory and version of all plugins
  • Potential bugs
  • Updates

All in all, there’s no need to fill in the blanks left by other providers, let alone handle the maintenance yourself.

StateWP also has 24-hour uptime monitoring for your website, handles updates and CSS adjustments, reports, and security measures, and even helps you recover from WordPress hacking. We can even help you migrate sites to reputable hosts, making us one of the top WordPress maintenance and hosting providers.

But here’s the best part: You can contact our experts and dedicated account managers 24/7 via Proto with a service request and get a fix or a straight answer within a day.

That saves you from juggling trouble tickets and finding contact details as you’d expect from other maintenance services.

There’s no need to wait on the phone or hang on for a reply to your email – just track your request through Proto.

StateWP’s maintenance, editing, optimization, and fault-fixing service is available through three tiered packages, with annual subscriptions saving you 15% a month paid upfront.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $159 per website per month

2. WP Buffs: Best for unlimited editing

WP Buffs is a WordPress maintenance service for freelancers and agencies specializing in white-label management.

The provider offers anytime site editing and management without ticket or time caps, alongside emergency support, which sets it apart in the industry.

Like other providers on this list, WP Buffs also focuses on helping site owners with performance optimization and mobile responsiveness. They aim to get web pages to load faster than two seconds after clicking.

The white-label WordPress maintenance service also provides weekly reports and updates on core files, as well as access to the iThemes Security Pro premium plugin.

This maintenance provider offers five monthly package options, with its two highest care plans being customizable, such as the ability to add multisite support.

Its basic tier provides maintenance, while tiers two and three help to boost protection and performance, respectively. Users can also save money by paying annually.

WP Buffs proves popular with many site owners. There are only a few mixed comments regarding their quality of communication and customer service.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $66 per site per month

3. SiteCare: Best for custom development

SiteCare (previously WP Site Care) offers an all-in-one WordPress maintenance service alongside custom development services. Therefore, it’s aimed at site owners who want to go beyond the average themes and functions.

SC handles backups and partners with Sucuri, a leading security and malware expert specializing in WordPress sites. The provider handles basic maintenance tasks and monitors security 24/7.

The provider also prides itself on speedy response time alongside expertise in PHP testing and debugging. It goes much deeper than most providers in WordPress development and support for its clients.

Currently, three packages are available through SiteCare, with its highest tier (“Advanced”) aimed at large organizations.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $83 per site per month

4. WP Siteplan: Best for your budget

WP Siteplan offers complete management and protection with the promise of website enhancements.

This maintenance provider stands apart from others because it runs a “modular” package system.

That means you can add boosters for your maintenance plan, such as its PageSpeed add-on to improve your website’s loading times and its Hosting add-on with cloud server access.

However, it’s worth remembering that the boosters available come at an extra cost. It’s great that you only pay for what you need, but budgeting can be confusing.

The service provider handles backups, important updates, and firewall protection. Its experts also monitor your site’s health with malware scans and removal.

This provider offers three pricing tiers, with a premium package aimed at enterprise users.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $59 per month per site + boosters, which are charged extra

5. FixRunner: Best for versatility

FixRunner’s main focus is providing tech support via monthly packages, though it also supports 24/7 security, daily backups, downtime alerts, and updates to crucial plugins and core features.

The service’s highest-tier support plan provides access to a personal account manager and direct phone support. There’s also a one-off fix option for $49, where users can receive advice for up to 30 minutes.

The provider also offers speed optimization, malware removal, and white-label services for WordPress sites of all sizes. Custom development is available for site owners looking to move beyond standard themes, stylesheets, and functionality.

The service’s “Free Site Review” might also appeal to those WordPress owners looking for different providers.

Packages available through FixRunner are split into “Small Websites” and “Big Websites” for small businesses and enterprises respectively. Three plans are available for Big and Small, with monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment options.

The main downside to FixRunner is that despite offering many different services, you only receive a certain amount of support each month, depending on your package.

This issue puts it at odds with services such as StateWP and WP Buffs, which accept unlimited requests for monthly payments.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $69 per site per month on a three-month contract

6. WP Maintainer: Best for beginners

WP Maintainer’s place in the market is a straightforward, quick-start WordPress maintenance option.

The service essentially operates as click-and-go after checkout, meaning you effectively hand your site’s security, updates, and compatibility checks straight over to the provider.

A free site scan option is available before buying to help you get a taste of what’s available without commitment.

As a subscriber, you can schedule backups and buy developer support by the hour – especially useful if you need help customizing your site.

Packages available through WPM start with a “Core Services” tier offering updates, backups, and security.

You can add on performance and firewall support for additional fees each month. The provider also allows you to add additional websites to your coverage.

WP Maintainer’s packages are refreshingly simple to build and are great value for WordPress beginners looking for support they can turn to in a jam.

However, they might not be the best value for more experienced users. For instance, the additional $99 per hour on-demand fix and customization support pales compared to other add-on options in our list.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $99 per site per month + add-ons and per-hour support

7. ClickWP: Best for building starter websites

ClickWP is a maintenance provider that handles regular backups and updates and offers a hosting service. The company supports migration to and from external hosts, too.

Expert help is available through the service’s Support Pass option, meaning users can opt-in for hands-on help when needed. These Passes are available for several days at a time for one-off fees.

The provider positions itself as a “plain language” maintenance service aimed at beginners.

What sets the platform further ahead of the pack is its starter website builder. WordPress novices can work within the platform to build sites fully backed by its experts.

However, although the provider offers a simple language maintenance and troubleshooting service, its packages are a little disjointed compared to others on this list. Moreover, depending on what you need, paying for Support Passes might not be the best value.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $40 per site per month + protection, hosting, migration, and support add-ons, which are charged extra

8. WP Fix It: Best for one-off fixes

Since 2009, WP Fix It has specialized in fault fixing, as its name suggests. It specializes in one-off and monthly fix packages should your WordPress site develop errors.

The service reports an average resolve time of around 30 minutes, with full refunds available if their agents can’t resolve your issue.

WP Fix It generates detailed reports that you can use to understand why your site developed a fault in the first place and how their agents fixed the problem.

The company also provides a multilingual website fixing service, with emergency help available anytime via live chat.

The service runs on two tiers: a one-off fix rate and a monthly fix package. However, unlike many other providers, WP Fix It doesn’t maintain or monitor your website. It simply finds and fixes problems when you raise the alarm.

That said, the hands-off approach might appeal to more experienced users who could benefit from occasional WordPress technical support services but are happy to manage and maintain sites on their own.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $47 for a one-off fix and $57 per month for unlimited fixes

9. WPMU DEV: Best for advanced users

WPMU DEV’s all-in-one WordPress customization and maintenance services are ideal for experienced developers. It supports web hosting, site management, and migration.

Unlike other services on our list, this provider offers “Stacks,” where you can customize your maintenance and hosting dashboards with add-on software.

The maintenance element of the service lets you automate backups, monitor uptime, scan for malware, track SEO performance, and provide white-label reports to agency clients.

It’s one of the most scalable WordPress maintenance tools, with automation features that help make it one of the most efficient.

Its customizable, bare-bones approach is much cheaper than other options on this list because you have much more control as the premier DIY option. The service is also billable yearly.

The only major downside to WPMU DEV is that it’s best reserved for experienced developers or those with the time and knowledge to maintain their sites on a custom platform. If you need more backup and management, it may be wise to choose an alternative provider.

Pricing (at time of writing): From $6 per site per month, billable annually

Choose a WordPress Maintenance Service to Suit Your Needs

There’s a lot of choice in WordPress support services out there – for good reason.

Maintaining a website on your own is a major time investment; so why not delegate the work to an experienced WordPress maintenance service that can update, edit, and monitor your site, all while being on hand to fix faults when needed?

With StateWP’s Proto dashboard, you’ve always got eyes on how your WordPress site is performing, and our team keeps tabs on its performance and security 24/7.

And, if you do need help fixing an error or customizing part of your website, you can always contact us or raise a service request. From there, we’ll get you back on track within a day.

Basically, we’ve got your back.


While we have you, if you’re considering upgrading your WordPress security before choosing a maintenance provider, check out our guide to the best web application firewalls available now.

WordPress Maintenance and Hosting FAQs

Let’s close our guide with common queries about WordPress maintenance and hosting services.

How do I handle WordPress website maintenance?
The best way to start handling WordPress website maintenance is to back up your site, use a plugin to make sure it’s clean and secure, and check how your search optimization is performing. It’s easiest to do this with the help of a WordPress maintenance team like StateWP.
Should I hire a WordPress maintenance agency?
Short answer: yes.

Hiring a WordPress maintenance agency is great value if you run a business. It’s much more cost- and time-effective than managing your website in-house or hiring a team to help.

Maintenance experts have years of experience in handling WordPress security, backups, updates, and SEO. Plus, any time spent maintaining and fixing your site, you could spend on helping customers!

How much does it cost to maintain a WordPress website monthly?
Costs to maintain a WordPress website monthly may vary depending on the provider and the level of care you need. For example, complete WordPress maintenance and on-demand support from StateWP is available from $159 per month, paid annually, and is free from many restrictions you typically find with cheaper service providers.
Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?
A WordPress maintenance service ensures your website is secure, performing at its best, and receiving updates with the latest software. You don’t have to worry about managing any updates, tweaks, or technical aspects yourself – simply ask a developer to manage your site for you. Some services help host your site and arrange WordPress monthly maintenance, too.
How long does WordPress maintenance take?
Maintaining and updating a WordPress website on your own can take several hours a month, depending on your knowledge and the tasks you need to complete. With the best website maintenance companies, however, it’s an ongoing process behind the scenes, meaning you always have support.